Event format

Cocktail parties or buffets

The most European and relevant format of event. Cocktail party assumes dynamic, free communication, atmosphere of exchanging ideas and a lot of interesting acquaintances. Elegant  dishes a la carte are usually served in tiny portions, but in a maximum range — it allows guests to treat themselves to excellent cuisine, virtually without interrupting the interesting and useful dialogues. Soft-core background music and excellent service will help to make your cocktail party the main event of the season.


Banquet, the king of events, can be held with truly royal scale. Luxurious dishes from Chef, waiters' white shirts, individually picked program and the best service in the city: that's how the work of professionals looks like. Live music, excellent view and elaborate ergonomics of our halls allow you to enjoy a banquet in full force.


That is completely special event, which requires unique approach. There are no identical weddings, and each one should be original, magical and unforgettable. Spacious and luxurious halls of «October» Event-Hall look as if they were specifically designed for the most rare and elite events. Our professionals are ready to take on the complicated and amazingly fascinating organization of wedding celebration. And then the most important ceremony in the life of the spouses will be saved from the fuss and become а real family celebration.

Lectures and educational conferences

New century requires new formats. Responding to the challenge of time, we form creative possibilities: now stylish, interesting and exciting lectures are always held in our comfortable halls! Cloud technologies, digital branding, mobile software development, lectures of reknowed and talented professionals: all this and even more is waiting for you under the roof of «October Event-Hall». Welcome to the information era!


Today it is impossible to do without high-quality and fulfilling presentation of the project, product or service. Visualization makes any creative work clear and understandable. It is important to choose hall that suits the needs of ongoing presentation best, provide first-class technical solutions, offer guests light and delicious snacks. Our halls are spacious, comfortable and equipped with latest techniques.


Conference is a serious event that requires responsible approach. Comfortable hall with excellent lighting, necessary technical infrastructure, possibilities for easy communication — for everything are responsible our experts. You should just choose the hall and the most suitable for you package of services.

Corporative parties

Corporate event demonstrates face of the company. Style and design, program and menu, ambiance and DJ work — all this creates an amazing mosaic of high-quality corporative party. Behind every successful and vibrant company party hides a huge work of organized team of experts and professionals.

In our halls can be carried out stylish corporate parties for top management, as well as fantastically enormous and chic celebrations for all employees.


Light and unobtrusive event format. A party can be thematic, vintage, costumed, magic, dance, in a favorite movie style. Set of the topics for a brilliant evening has no limits except your imagination — we will make sure that they would become beautiful reality.


Exclusive, carrying the fleur of the «golden» XIX century and true elitism. Ball is an event that requires ultra-high professionalism and excellent educational level of organizers. From classic retro-balls to ultramodern mind-blowing parties in ballroom style — we are ready even for such extremely stylish classic events. Your ball will become your own triumph.

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