Geometry of space

Four standalone areas, a fully equiped conference center at Digital October, or a joint space area of over 1,200 m2 — the choice is yours.


360 m2 studio can easily accommodate 300 people for a cocktail party or 150 people in a format of traditional banquet. Magical view from the windows on the Patriarshy bridge and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior promises an unforgettable evening. The Apartment restaurant atmosphere offers the highest aesthetics, exquisite classics and subtle hint of nostalgia. Snow-white luxury piano opens up new opportunities — live music or a classic piano accompaniment for a refined aristocratic evening.
Attractive and comfortable lighting solutions, bright color accents and perfect ergonomics make Apartment the spotless choice for a big event.
Area: 360 m2
Banquet: 150 people
Cocktail party: 300 people


315 m2 space full of creative solutions — this is Progress Bar. It's the best choice for a award ceremonies, outstanding digital events and ambitious loud parties. Progress Bar is also a perfect place for a cocktail party: almost five hundred people can be accommodated comfortably at the same time. The atmosphere of an old factory is combined with modern technologies and a 10 meter long bar.  Equipped with a huge seamless LCD panel and a variety of additional videoscreens on the walls to showcase digital content.
Area: 315 m2
Banquet: 120 people
Cocktail party: 450 people


A chamber and gorgeous place for private meetings, business lunches or small special events. In these 85 m2 up to 60 people can be accomidated. VIP is the coziest room in the «October Event Hall» — it has a working fireplace, antique furniture and a fabulous 4th story view of the embankment of the Moscow river. Activities such as chess or mafia with a few friends and a great glass of Italian wine can find a home here.  Closed separate entrance will provide complete privacy  for the guests.
Area: 85 m2
Banquet: 40 people
Cocktail party: 60 people


Classic lounge for 150 people cocktail party or 80 people classic banquet is a comfortable and elaborate place for any format of event: from meetings with partners to organizing amphitheater presentations. Color accents of the room, well thought-out design, comfortable furniture — everything is organized in order to make every guest feel special and long-awaited.
Area: 140 м2
Banquet: 80 people
Cocktail party: 150 people


October’s main space, where our most interesting speakers have presented and our most important events have taken place. This hall is mobile and tech-friendly. There’s a hall right outside the door where you can offer your guests a delicious meal or treat them to a cup of coffee.
Area: 350 м2
Capacity: 360 people


Multi-purpose multimedia space. TV-quality Internet broadcasting, simultaneous translation, automatic closed captioning for speakers, professional light and sound:our technologies allow you to hold press conferences, seminars, live link-ups, talk shows, and lectures on an international level.

Area: 90 м2
Capacity: 90 people


Special offers available for educational programming.

Area: 110 м2
Capacity: 110 people


Classrooms are good for lectures and different educational programms.

Area: 230 м2
Capacity: 260 people

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