Directing and Manager Support

Every event requires an individual approach. Unconventional attitude helps us to find brilliant solutions. We undertake full event organization: our team consists of professional script-writers and creative people from the best agencies in Moscow, theater and event-directors. Account-managers are well aware the main rule of the modern market — «requirements of the client are above all», and, on the basis of this concept, set precise task for the organizers. Coordinated team-work of the reliable professionals allows us to keep the highest level of events in Moscow.

Branding and decor

Designers and florists are not just people who love to make up beautiful bouquets. True experts of design have knowledge of composition, lighting and art of the interior design. Design is a trademark of the event. It is basic style and decor that create a special mood and show a vector and format of the evening. Event decor in the unified style gives it a status and completeness and demonstrates the standard of quality and artistic taste of the evening owners.

Show program

In order the event to be stylish and memorable, guests to receive maximum pleasure, and the owner of the festivity to be sure of exclusivity and irresistibility of his event, we propose to create a special atmosphere by inviting talented artists. Among those whom we have long and fruitful cooperation with there are actors and famous singers, bands and dance groups, show ballets, saxophonists, violinists and original genre artists.
It's a complex and non-trivial task that requires good preparation and a lot of experience — selection of the full content of the evening so that every minute of the event is important and necessary, construction the timing of the event, taking into account all the subtleties. We manage with this task perfectly.

Technical equipment

The basis of any event program is a coordinated and high-quality work of technical services. Adequacy, accuracy and timing of all the important points of evening depends on technical equipment in particular. Decorations, lighting and sound systems, compliance with the requirements of technical riders of each artist, seamless video and so on — we will provide everything you might need during technically flawless event.


Media coverage is an important part of any event. The image of the event, the reputation of the organizer and the whole impression of the evening largely depends on the correct angle of photo shooting, selection of the magazine, site or newspaper, journalist skills. We work with the professionals only —the  best Moscow gossip column journalists, trendy and well-known photographers, friendly and experienced journalists with a fine pen — that's our «propaganda team». Your event will not come unnoticed.

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